25 Stunning Wood Kitchen Cabinets That You Must See!


Wood Kitchen Cabinets - Contemporary Kitchen Cabinets In CherryWhen you want to start to install a brand new kitchen or renovate a kitchen, you will need to decide what materials will be used on your kitchen. You possibly can select from a variety of materials, and one of the most popular are wood kitchen cabinets.

At this time, wood is the most typical material used in kitchen cabinets. Wood is a well-liked alternative because of the various finishes available, permitting you to build a very customized kitchen.

After you have decided on wood kitchen cabinets, your next selection will probably be to find out what kind of wood you will use. Because of wood is a natural creation, it is going to vary in color, grain and texture. It might also change along with time due to sunlight exposure.


Choosing The Right Wood Type For Your Wood Kitchen Cabinets

Some woods are more solid, while the others are softer. You'll be able to expect some of woods will get darker with age, while the others will get lighter. Several woods stain more evenly, several of them showcase strong grain patterns and several remain impervious to imperfections.

One thing is for sure, understanding your cabinets age over the lifetime and how a wood will carry out is a crucial first step for choosing cabinets.

Cherry is likely one of the most beloved woods used in cabinets due to its uniform grain colour and its medium reddish brown colour. It is also more costly than another kinds of wood.

Maple can be also a popular wood choice. Maple is lighter than cherry however has a smoother texture, it makes a perfect wood for stained or painted finishes.

You may choose red oak if you want an outstanding grain pattern in your wood kitchen cabinets. It has a lighter brown color and a lot of texture with a particular grain pattern which is much preferred by homeowners.

If you're looking for a more inexpensive wood option, consider using pine to create your wood kitchen cabinets. Pine is a low cost budget for a wood material. It offers a distinctively rustic look that is preferred in a country or more traditional kitchen design. Pine is a softer wood, however, it may scratch or dent more easily than some of other woods.

If you have a lot of budget, consider using mahogany. Mahogany is the wood known as the premier wood for high-quality cabinetry. It has a characteristic swirling grain and a deep rich reddish-brown colour that produces a beautiful design. Because this kind of wood is becoming more rare and since it proves to be remarkably durable, the price is significantly increased than the more common woods such as pine and oak.

When you've decided what kind of wood to create your wood kitchen cabinets, you will have to determine whether you need custom or stock wood cabinets. Stock cabinets can be purchased directly from manufacturer and it is the least costly option if you want to purchase wooden kitchen cabinets. Customized cabinets are the most costly option, however it will provide you the most creative freedom for your design. With customized cabinets you might even have the ability to choose a couple of wood option, thus making your kitchen a real reflection of your design aesthetic and unique style.

Below are 25 stunning wood kitchen cabinets that we've gathered from various sources (click to see all photos):


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