10 Tips For Brightening Up Your Rooms


Brightening Dark Interiors Bright Living Room

If you've been feeling cranky, tired, having bad mood or just stressed out, try to look to your natural source of light in your house. Many fact proved that humans act, respond and better feeling is in a house that has light inspired decoration and enough of natural light source. Even on your darkest rooms there's a method to bring more light to your room. Whether you're looking for inspiration to choose finishes that can brighten up your mood and space or you're looking to add extra physical daylight, take a look at the ten simple tricks to lighten your dark interiors.


1. Take a look at your home and determine the darkish areas:

If you have been living at your home for some time, almost certainly you're used to its darkish areas. Dark furniture and the current paint color scheme or probably living room, household rooms and closets that don’t bring enough natural light that makes your interiors feel like a dark cave. Before you start brighten your interiors, you'll need to discover, what aspects are creating the darkish feeling. You should find out whether you need lighter colours on your walls? Or probably dark and less bulky furniture in your spaces? Or better windows in your interiors? Thats the question that only you know the answer to.

Brightening Dark Interiors Dark Living Room


2. Mix and match white and rich color neutrals in your decor:

Rich bodied neutrals colors such as camel tan, warm rust colors, espresso brown and mushroom gray is a good colors if your home needs some warmth. The white, tan families of colours and brown are look great and extremely versatile when arranged next to heavy wood furniture and dark wood doors or floors.

Brightening Dark Interiors Neutral Living Room


3. Use ecessed lighting fixtures to open up a dark ceiling

For many homes, wood paneled ceiling or dark painted ceilings applications are common. Darker ceilings not only leave the room atmosphere like a cave, they can also create a dramatic atmosphere within the room. To brighten up the ceiling without being flashy to the eye, you can use recessed lighting fixtures. And don't forget to install a dimmer switch To have versatile control on your lighting.

Brightening Dark Interiors Lights Living Room


4. Dark kitchen cabinets combined with lighter finishes is not a bad idea

If you like the look of dark flooring and dark-colored kitchen cabinets consider using mix and match lighter cabinets or lighter finish countertops alongside your darkish ones. You'll started to feel enjoy working at your kitchen when it feels open and has plenty of light. Keep in mind all these concept to keep your kitchen airy and light, if you're in the process of deciding finishes for a kitchen remodel.

Brightening Dark Interiors Dark Kitchen Cabinets


5. Consider to use a double-duty accent kitchen pendant lighting

Consider pendant lighting fixtures If your kitchen is only dark in certain areas, these pendant lighting fixtures will help brighten up over a breakfast bar or a dark corner nicely. To make a wow effect to the remaining of the kitchen, consider an accent pendant light. Lighting manufacturers have a stainless steel, mosaic tile, artisan glass pendant lights and even plethora of designer glass to choose from!

Brightening Dark Interiors Kitchen Pendent Lighting


6. Bring more light to your dark bedroom

There's something to be said for a sophisticated and dark bedroom! When the bedding, walls, accessories and flooring are all dark, it can make a very comfortable place to pleasure as much as after having a long workday. For those who like the dramatic environment, try to use soft lighting in strategic spots to help keep your mood and also to aid in appreciating and seeing your bedroom. Look for table lamps with soft glowing lamp shades or creative lighting on display built-in cabinets like “puck” or accent fixtures like under cabinet lighting and pendants to do the trick!

Brightening Dark Interiors Dark Master Bedroom


7. Putting a balance between light and dark in your bedroom

Your bedroom is likely one of the few locations in your house that you don’t have to treat your guests and it's truly yours, and it makes the one and only important person is you! Putting balance in your design style is important. If you have dark walls, consider creating a contrast with light bedding in butter yellow, soft ecru, or varying the shades of off white sheets, bedroom decor and throw pillows to create a relaxing and balanced atmosphere to your bedroom.

Brightening Dark Interiors Light Bedding Master Bedroom


8. Pick the right darker colours for your next painting project

Don’t be shy from dark colors! They're add personality and an excellent way to bring dramatic aesthetics feel to your home. You need to look at your house natural light sources first. The more doors and windows your walls have, means the darker the wall colours can be. If in case you have a few windows or very small windows, go for lighter shades of the darker hue to create your room feel larger and brighter.

Brightening Dark Interiors Wardrobe Closet


9. Make your dark wardrobe closets brighter

The closet is where you keep your clothes and it is one of the darkest area in your house. Whether your closet doesn’t have windows and located on the your bedroom interior or it is because an afterthought by the housing developer, there are many to make your dark room brighter. Lighting fixtures like recessed lighting and pendant lights can bring extra illumination to hanging regions as well as dressing areas.

Brightening Dark Interiors Clerestory Wardrobe Closet


10. Consider to bring in natural light sources into your closets

Rather than thinking that you're don't have idea with a dark closet, you can bring in natural light by adding a clerestory windows without losing your wall storage space. In case your closet doesn’t have an exterior wall and it is on the interior of your home, consider a solar tube to bring natural light sources from your roof. These are energy efficient, because they brighten your closet with natural glowing light and they don’t use electricity.

Brightening Dark Interiors Natural Light Closet



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