10 Contemporary Kitchen Cabinets That Immediately Improve Your Kitchen

Contemporary Kitchen Cabinets - Cool Modern Kitchen Design

Contemporary Kitchen Cabinets - Cool Modern Kitchen Design

Believe it or not, the kitchen is definitely the heart of our home. It’s a cliche, but it’s true. Remember the last big party you've made? You got all the home spotless, you arranged comfortable seating in every corner of your living room. However, the place where everyone end up gathering is the kitchen after all. Whether just doing homework or hosting high class guests, it seems the kitchen will always serve as the central of the home. Because we spend a lot of time in this area, let’s create it as attracting, contemporary and welcoming as much as possible. Contemporary design is minimalist and sleek by nature, giving your home a clean and streamlined look. To attain this, contemporary kitchen cabinets usually have minimal ornamentation and flat surfaces. Below are the list of 10 contemporary kitchen cabinets ideas that can spark your personal kitchen decorating:


1) Use Veneer slab wood doors to bring depth and warmth to a contemporary kitchen

Veneer slab wood doors is a trend that can give a contemporary kitchen depth and warmth. Slab veneer doors are rising in popularity in the USA and have been famous in Europe for many years. Slab veneer doors are rising in popularity in the USA and have been famous in Europe for many years
Absolutely there are quite a few causes for this rising popularity. People may assume this is caused by the rising trend to bringing nature environment back into the house and the rising of natural products trends. Veneer slabs expose wood grains in an impressive manner; Not only that, the grain patterns appear to inform a story from where the tree is originated, because of this nature lovers would get pleasure from this artistic.

You should beware of the slab veneer cabinets ranging qualities. It's best to look for an extremely-skilled, reputable vendor. Not every veneers are designed equal and if finished poorly, the laminate can start to chip and/or the banding or edging that holds the veneer may peel. If executed correctly, you'll be able to take pleasure in many years of warmth from these contemporary kitchen cabinets masterpieces.

Contemporary Kitchen Cabinets - Modern Walnut Kitchen

Modern Walnut Kitchen


2) Consider Using Stainless Steel Sleek For Your Contemporary Kitchen Cabinets

Your kitchen can be a modern stylish design when outfitted with stainless steel cabinet doors. Except for the exclusive look, stainless steel cabinet have some positive and negative sides. The positive sides is obvious, stainless steel are vulnerable to scratches and the fingerprints. But, there are some stainless-steel products that extremely resistant to those annoyances.

There are a lot of positive sides from steely cabinets. Some of the primary advantage are durable, remarkably sanitary and easy to clean. If solid stainless steel cabinets are out of your budget, there are alternatives of MDF (medium-density fiberboard) cupboards which can be layered with steel over the top. Both means, stainless-steel still a tremendous addition to your contemporary kitchen cabinets.

Contemporary Kitchen Cabinets - Modern Stainless Steel Kitchen

Modern Stainless Steel Kitchen


3) Lacquer Can Add a Modern Look To Your Contemporary Kitchen Cabinets

The aesthetic of lacquered kitchen cabinets is unmatched becuse of its shiny, rich and bright in color. Lacquer cabinets are produced by a process of utilizing plentiful coats of lacquer, followed by waxing and polishing. If executed correctly, lacquer finishes will be scratch-resistant and durable. Anyhow, most individuals would say that this kind of finish isn't the right alternative for busy households with kids because lacquer has been recognized to chip.

Contemporary Kitchen Cabinets - White Lacquer Kitchen Cabinets

White Lacquer Kitchen Cabinets


4) Kitchen Cabinetry Can Be Replaced by Floating Shelves

Floating shelves add straight lines that suits well with any contemporary and modern decor. Most householders go for this model for the higher cabinets and then have closed cabinetry doors for the bottom half of their kitchen. This permits for storage of all these ugly home equipment and appliance.

The only disadvantage of floating shelves is the shortage of hidden storage. It takes a really organized particular individual to maintain these open models from becoming unsightly and cluttered.

Contemporary Kitchen Cabinets - Kitchen Floating Shelves

Kitchen Floating Shelves


5) Contemporary Kitchen Cabinets Can Be Colorful

When most people consider a contemporary kitchen, their minds instantly think a glossy black or white kitchen colours, however modern can be colorful too. Why not try bright cobalt blue? or red cherry laminate or lacquer? Or And even go for teal color? All of those colours can be utilized along side with contemporary decor. Simply make sure to love the colour before excecuting. You'll be seeing it everytime before you have coffee in the morning, so it have to be a color you possibly can live with it.

Contemporary Kitchen Cabinets - Blue Modern Kitchen

Blue Modern Kitchen


6) White Contemporary Kitchen Cabinets

What could possibly be better than shining white cabinets that reflect the sunshine into your house? White kitchens are common for an excellent purpose, regardless of the home style. This look can be attained through various finishes such as veneer, glossy lacquer, paint or melamine. It doesn't matter what your price range, a contemporary and clean white kitchen can be yours. Furthermore, white kitchen cabinets pair very nicely with various kinds of drawer pulls.

Contemporary Kitchen Cabinets - Modern White Kitchen

Modern White Kitchen


7) Stained Wood Styles For Contemporary Kitchen Cabinets? Why Not?

Pickled white cabinets aren't exactly all the trend right now, however you still possibly can still tarnish wood cabinets with a tint of shade to attain a different contemporary design. Take a look at these green tint-tarnished cabinets within the image below. They're clean, clear, distinctive and glossy. With just a color touch the wood historical grain appears to be brought to the cutting edge, giving the cabinets texture to take center of the stage.

Contemporary Kitchen Cabinets - Modern Wood Kitchen

Modern Wood Kitchen


8) Get done the Upper Kitchen Cabinets for a Contemporary Design

Skipping the upper kitchen cabinets completely may seem a little bit risky for some people, however by doing so you possibly can actually obtain fairly the open, contemporary space. In fact, this style is probably not right for many who require plenty of kitchen storage. As you possibly can imagine, your space for storing is halved without the upper cabinets. If storage isn't a problem for you, then this clear, open aesthetic could also be your best option for your contemporary kitchen design.

Contemporary Kitchen Cabinets - Modern Black And White Kitchen

Modern Black And White Kitchen


9) Gun metal steel cabinets can almost make your kitchen disappear!

Within the picture below, the kitchen cabinets are hot-rolled metal and galvanized with a clear coat finish. The metal is layered over an MDF base. The final look is absolutely spectacular! This minimalist, clear style provides the illusion that this isn't even a kitchen. Instead, the cabinets turn into a piece of stylish art or furniture. If this hidden kitchen idea appeals to you, then this unique look could possibly yours. You would need to seek the advice of a cabinet door maker and metal manufacturer to fulfill your custom specification needs.

Contemporary Kitchen Cabinets - Modern Gun Metal Steel Kitchen

Modern Gun Metal Steel Kitchen


10) Combine Your Kitchen Cabinet Styles by Combining Paint, Wood and Lacquer

After looking all of those unique cabinet styles, you're absolutely having trouble deciding which one is the most attractive. Why not try to combine all of them? Even in a minimalist interior you possibly can combine the palette a little bit. The combos are infinite and you're certain to attain a style that is unique for you. If combining is one thing that you're interested to try, then it might be best to seek the advice of an expert cabinet maker and an interior designer.

Contemporary Kitchen Cabinets - Wood And White Lacquer Kitchen

Wood And White Lacquer Kitchen



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